Friday, January 02, 2009

There's Chocolate, and then there's CHOCOLATE

Who doesn't love the gift of chocolate? I was given a few boxes of chocolate over the holidays, and have to admit that it's a gift that never goes out of fashion. OK, maybe if you're on a diet, but that's about it.

Now, while I've said before that there are no bad chocolates - and I stick with that statement - there are varying degrees of chocolate. A Hershey's chocolate bar is good. A Cadbury bar is even better. Ferrero Rocher is truly fine chocolate. And Ghiridelli and Choxie are somewhere close to divine.

I recently received a box of See's chocolates to try. Before this I've never sampled or even heard of See's chocolates. But seeing how I had to report to all of you what they're like, I took on that challenge to try out the chocolate sampler I was sent. See? I was doing it all for you. Ahem.

The poor box of chocolates never saw it coming. I don't think I've ever had chocolate disappear that fast. I tried to hide the box so that only I could enjoy them, but Aaron soon found them and reminded me that sharing our chocolates is probably part of our marriage vows. And then my mom visited and saw the little red box, reminding me that she did go through labor for me, and the least I could do was give her a little chocolate in return.

The kids didn't get any, though. I know, I'm a horrible mom, but they think Play-Doh tastes good, so I wasn't going to waste fine chocolate on their less sophisticated palates.

If you haven't figured out how well I liked it, I'll add that it has joined the ranks of close to divine. Both the milk chocolates and dark chocolates were full of flavor, and fillings that I never thought I'd like were good, too. The caramel and nut ones, though, were my absolute favorites.

In my area, See's is only available during the holidays at the mall. But you can order online, and See's has a great fundraising program available for charities, schools, youth groups, etc. So if you want to make sure to have See's within reach, you could always suggest a chocolate fundraiser at your next PTA meeting. What a delicious way to show support.

As for me, I know what I want for Valentine's Day: a box of pecan buds. Yum.

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Amelia Sprout said...

I remember bribing friends to fly it home when you could still only get it in California. It is so good, now if they would just have In & Out burgers in the mall during the holdidays, my CA export requests would be complete.