Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wii Love Animal Crossing: City Folk!

I have been in love with my Wii ever since we bought it earlier in the year. While most of the games have been active, with Wii Sports or Wii Music or Wii Fit, I've been wanting something a little less swing and sway and a little more relax and putter about.

Years ago that would have meant pulling out my Final Fantasy X game for Playstation and beating some beasties into the ground with my RPG party. But you really can't play that around a 4 year old without having to answer some troubling questions. So I needed a game that I could play around my kids, and something that I could drop in and out of as needed without having to remember my skills.

Nintendo's answer to my problem - Animal Crossing: City Folk.

I can best describe this as a RPG for women. Don't get me wrong - guys can have just as much fun, but this is a relaxing, social game that nearly anyone can play. And for those (mostly female) friends of mine who don't play a lot of games because they don't have the time to finish the game, or don't understand the 284 combination button moves needed to control many characters, let me explain why this game is for you. It's very intuitive to play - only one button is ever needed. And it's not your traditional game, because there is no single objective, no final challenge, no "The End" on the screen with credits. Come and go as you like, play for a short time or all day long.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, you are just starting out on your own, moving to a small town near the city to begin a new life. You pick out the empty property you want and soon find yourself with a mortgage and the need to earn some money. The local shopkeeper hires you to run errands for your first day, which also helps you learn the basics of the game. You can also earn money by collecting and selling fruit, fish, or turnips.

The real fun lies in the details. You can quickly form friendships with the other townsfolk, decorate your house to your own tastes, and plant flowers and trees around the town to decorate as you see fit. On Saturday night you can watch a band play at the museum's coffee shop. A short bus ride will take you to the big city, where you can shop at the fancy stores, have your hair done, and take in a show. The game is also sensitive to date and time. When it's dark at your house, it's dark in the game. Now that it's December, it's snowing in my town.

But perhaps the coolest feature is that your friends can come visit your town, and you can visit theirs. Using your internet connection, you can play together with friends, with your characters interacting together in the game. Typing out conversation to each other could take forever, though, so Nintendo rolled out the Wii Speak, a wireless set-top hands-free microphone. Once you have the Wii Speak, you can have real-time voice chat with friends who are playing with you. (Assuming they have the Wii Speak also, of course.) This feature makes this game a truly social event - you can visit your friends across the country without leaving your couch.

I've been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk for over a month now, and I think I can safely say I love this game. Occasionally I'll find myself wandering around the town aimlessly, but this game is a great stress-reliever when I want to unwind after a long day and escape to a simpler world. Cordy's still not terribly interested in playing video games yet, but once she is I'm sure this will be on the approved list. The non-violent nature of this game makes it perfect for young children.

The only thing that would make Animal Crossing: City Folk more enjoyable is knowing more people who also have it so we could play together. Hear that, people? I want to visit other towns and go shopping with you! So if you buy this game, let me know, OK?

(And trust me - buy the Wii Speak also!)


Anonymous said...

Santa brought this for my daughter, but I'm loving it as much as she is. We have Wii Speak also, but so far no friends or visits to other towns. Our friend code is
2020-4101-6462 town name - Roseboro
Name: Kelli
We'd love to have you visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Samantha and I am new to Animal Crossing: City Flok....I am addicted, but I do not know anyone else who has it. May I please come visit your town? Name: Samantha...Town: SKYTOPIA FC: 0688-9755-4065

Anonymous said...

hi my name is crystal i to am addicted to this game my code is 4683-2883-8392 i would love to have some friends

Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Rebecca and I got this game for Christmas. I absolutely love it and would to like to meet new friends. My town: Far Away
FC: 1590-9239-2967

Anonymous said...

I love my town but i am looking for friend..
town name Hoser
please come visit!!!

Anonymous said...

My girls and I have a town..and would love to have a visitor!

Maddie and Riley


kate said...

Fc: 0817-8372-4372
Name: Sparklie
Town: England

kate said...

will you all add me please

kate said...

i added all of u and my gates are open everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone. I would love to make new friends and have visitors to my town. I just started the game.

name: CMT
FC: 4855-1107-3654

If you add me, please let me know on here and I will add you also. Thanks..

Anonymous said...

I just got the game after Christmas as well. I don't have wii speak, but I'd still love to have visitors and visit other towns. Please add me as well.

liz n marc said...

hi everyone! we have bought this game for our kids and they dont care to play but we got hooked lol the only thing is that we dont know anyone else with it! so heres our fc's and i added yourse!
froggy fc 1676-8372-2964
liz fc 2063-3843-1827
our gate is open oh and we have our town switched to day when it is night here so we can play after we get home from work lol and were frm ontario canada (just so you get an idea of the time) hope to talk to you'se all soon! we have the wii speak thing too!

Anonymous said...

OKAY.... if you're going to post the code and your name and town name, you've got 1/2 the battle done... but posting AS ANONYMOUS makes it hard to write YOU and get you MY friend code because...

.. YOU HAVE TO ADD ME TO LET ME GO TO YOUR TOWN!!! So please provide EMAIL ACCOUNTS with your friend code and town/name info SO that people can ACTUALLY register your codes when YOU list yours!

Mine is 1376-1900-0438
I am Big Al
My town is Alville

I will soon have a coconut tree!

My town fruit is Cherry.

I just started on the 11th of Jan. SO I'm new to the game.

MY EMAIL ADDRESS : al.boyett@gmail.com

Please email me YOUR info if interested so I am only adding people who want to add ME.

Anonymous said...

I am writing again to include my e-mail address.. If you would like to add me, please e-mail me at the following address and let me know your information as well. greatgirl22546@aol.com Thanks..

name: CMT
FC: 4855-1107-3654

liz n marc said...

ok good idea lol i noticed that too after we posted! our email is lizdesforges@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Writing again to include my email

Anonymous said...

hello everyone. my name is holly and i'm new to blogging. my kids got this game for christmas and i just recently started playing. i dont have any friends and wondering if you could add me.

my game name is :
a symbol of a star, Lola, then another star symbol

my town is CapeMoon
and my FC is :3953-1673-0950

my town fruit are oranges

Anonymous said...

My girls and I also just got this game and we'd love to have a visitor!

Town: Sacto
Name: Stacey
Fruit: Pears

hollystarr said...

ill add you right now!

Anonymous said...

Hi all. Received this game for Christmas. Not very good at it. I have tried planting trees but they seem to die. I dont know if it is bc it is winter or what. Growing tired of the same sights.

My friend code is:
Town: Bonkers
Name: Kathy
Fruit incase you want to know this: Apples.

Oh and my email is ocitrus1@bellsouth.net
please tag it animal crossing.

I am adding all the codes on here, feel free to add mine. I do not have the wii speak... as of right now.

Anonymous said...

We would love some visitors!




please add when you can and e,ail to let me know thanks!! Pandia29@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Bought this for my kids and me. We're all loving it, but also do not know anyone else that has this game. Did a search and came across the codes here. Please add us!

Town Name: Quilter
Code: 1290-2257-3230
Town Fruit: Apples
Email: mcbridem2@comcast.net


Better Wellness said...

Add me!
Name: Nicki
Town: fart
i know its silly!

Anonymous said...

This is really cool. Thank you to those that have added us. I must say, I wish they had made a keyboard as its hard to type with the point and click. We're definitely adding the Wii Speak. Please email if you've added us. Thank You!
Town: Quilter

Anonymous said...

i would love to visit everyones towns please add me =]

name: miranduh


friend code:

town fruit: cherries =]

Anonymous said...

This was a gift from my daughter for Christmas and I love it. Glad to find this blog so I can exchange fc's. I don't have the wii speak device.

My name is Sharon but my character's name is Crazy in the town of Tulip and cherries.

My fc is 4941-0253-5642

I have already added everyone if you could all add me. Thanks!

My email address is slw820@tampabay.rr.com

Anonymous said...

Hello. I love this game, too. I would love some new towns to visit.

Code 3609-5892-4161
Town name: Toy Land

We have apples!

Anonymous said...

I just realized I didn't leave my name! It is Kristen.

Code 3609-5892-4161
Town name: Toy Land

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am so happy I came across all of you! My name is Raegan and i too got this from Santa - and no friends until now.
Name: Raegan
Town: Bugville
FC: 1247-3261-2511
Fruit: Peach
todays date :1-21-09

Anonymous said...

Hello all! I am also addicted to this game. We have a 1st gen Wii so we have had it awhile. I actually bought this game for me instead of my children and I love it.

Please add me - I would love some friends:

My name: alex (all lowercase)
Town: Steele
Code: 1719-8042-1554

Fruit: Apples
Email: aleste@cableone.net

I do not have a WiiSpeak - had no one to talk to so did not need one but I might add one after getting some friends!


today's date: 1/22/09

Anonymous said...

Please add me to your friends list
Tracy Deeton 3781-3527-9403 email: porrino138@yahoo.com
I have added your codes and would like to come visit.

Anonymous said...

pls add me.

name Jaimee
Town name Bronx
FC 2407 0036 2757

Email add. Tuhriesah@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Hello,my two boys and I are new at this animal crossing city folk thing,and we are looking for friends.So far we have none.We would like to visit other towns and also have visitors.PLEASE ADD US!!! Our name is LuLu Chi...our town is Lipville...and our fc is421091077672.Oh and our fruit is peaches;)Email address is lipsandlashz@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hey my name is Aimee! I am also looking for some friends on Animal Crossing. My town is LuvVille and my friend code is 0603-1392-2477. aimeerakim@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

got my daughter this game for christmas and she would love the friends my email address is geneva1156@aol.com and her friend id is:
3867-3226-8639 her name is samii and her town name is tutiland

kathy said...

Started playing this with my daughter and we are hooked. My daughter has a friend and I so would love to visit other towns and have a friend visit my town
Please email me and add me as a friend
FC: 3695-5260-3616
town: figtown
name: Kathie
fruit: pears, also have coconuts, peaches and oranges.
thanks hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

This is lots of fun, my daughter is looking for friends too
name: melissa
town: birdtown
code: 2707-6893-2060

email if you add

Anonymous said...

my chid is dyineg to have friends i added all you guys so please add her

name cherilin town crazy code 34808073 7956 my email cherilinefertil@gmail.com for your imformation thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm addicted to this game, but I don't know anyone else who plays it. I'd love to have visitors or visit some other towns, so please add me to your friend list and I'll add everyone on this page to my list. My doors are open most everyday. Here's my info:
FC: 2535-9257-5954
Fruit: pears
email: davisaa@iupui.edu
Please add me! Thanks!
Posted: 3/7/09

Taria said...

I'm a Japanese housewife.
I'm looking for a few foreign friends loving
"Animal Crossing: City Folk",too.
I love "Animal Crossing: City Folk"
I want to visit the other villages.
And I want to invite friends to my village.
But I speak only Japanese, I can understand English a little.
I play this game during 9:00 to 22:00 of the Japanese time.
The connect time is random.
If you understand it, let's play with me.

Friend code:4726-1551-7183
Character name:puniko
Village name:jabro

Anonymous said...

I would love some new friends!!!


Name: Bree
Town: Breevill
Code: 1118-5899-0039
Fruit: Oranges

mb said...

I've added most of your #'s, add me, we open our gate most evenings and try to go out as well.

name: melissa
town: birdtown
code: 2707-6893-2060

email if you add

Anonymous said...

Please add me too!! I don't know anyone with Animal Crossings!

name: Grace
town: Bedford
fruit: Cherries
Code: 2407-0279-6822

never opened my gate before, but I'm going to figure out how! lol

lunamaria said...

hi,my name is Ann from Japan i don't have a expirience to play w/ in England people, but i have many friends in US,if you willing to add me to your friendlist just send a letter this is my email add;ann44408@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

My wife and I both play but have no friends to visit. I work nights and she works days so someone is almost always on. If anyone is interested in adding one or both please email me.
FC - Bob 4984-2216-9315
Ma 0646-3037-7015
Town: Forks
Fruit: Peaches
Location: Ohio

Sara said...

Hi! I got this game a couple of months ago and LOVE it! I recently went to the physic and she told me I need to invite people to my town.... so here I go:

Friend: 4125-2250-9048
Name: Sara
Town: Fisher

If you have any questions, reach me at sara.a.browning@hotmail.com

Thanks, and hope to visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi just bought this game and I don't know anyone with this this game (let alone a wii) so I'm hoping to visit some towns and make some friends if you add me plz email muzickal1@yahoo.com

Name: Stacy
Town: Oz

Anonymous said...

We are new to this game and absolutely love it. Would some one mind adding us as a friend to your town:

Email me at minajaan@comcast.net

Name: Ash
Town: Albq
F/C: 3953-32617411
Fruit: Orange & Cocunuts coming soon

Name: Railu
Town: Albq
F/C: 532800872687

Anonymous said...

Hello, My name is Shannon. Please add me to your F/C
I am going through and adding every ones that is on this forum. ty

Name: Mom
Town: Ziggy
F/C: 2965-8571-8745
Fruit: apple
email address: animal.crossing.mom@live.com
(made just for this game :)