Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Imagination Movers & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bring Summer Fun & Music To Your Home

Most of the time we use the Tivo to record a few favorite programs for Cordy and Mira, so that if they hit a point of boredom and want to watch a specific show, we can pull it up for them without any problem.

But sometimes those programs get deleted. Or we're at the grandparents and they don't have cable. Or Cordy changes her mind and is suddenly obsessed with a new show and we had no warning. In these cases, DVDs are a must.

Two programs that my daughters would easily rate as favorites had new DVDs released today: Imagination Movers - Warehouse Mouse Edition and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Big Splash.

We have loved the Imagination Movers ever since they first appeared on Playhouse Disney. Their music is great for kids without being annoying for adults, and the show teaches important lessons about cooperation, working through problems, and finding a different solution when the first (or third) try didn't work.

The four episodes on this DVD all feature the help of Warehouse Mouse, the furry resident of the Idea Warehouse that only Smitty seems to understand. Cordy's favorite part is when Warehouse Mouse dresses up as a bunny so he doesn't scare the TV repairman, who is scared of mice.

Nina and Uncle Knit Knots round out the cast, with her boundless enthusiasm and his insistence on keeping everything boring. But the real stars of the show are the Movers themselves, who are friendly, creative, and well-rounded characters. Mira loves their music and their dancing.

If you like your kids' entertainment even more animated than the Imagination Movers, then Mickey's Big Splash is for you. These four beach and water-themed episodes have Mickey and the gang looking for ways to stay cool, all with the help of Toodles and the mouseketools. One episode features Pluto taking a bubble bath, and now Cordy wants bubbles for her bath each day. She even likes to measure out the soap, just like they do in the episode.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse teaches friendship and problem solving, as well as counting, basic math, patterns, colors and other preschool concepts. Mira is learning to count with the help of Mickey and friends. And I like seeing my daughters enjoy the same characters that I grew up with.

Both of these DVDs are new favorites in our house. We'll all get up and dance with the Imagination Movers, and it's not uncommon for Mira and Cordy to ask for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for their TV time. It's always a challenge to find quality kids' programming, where you feel safe that your kids are getting a good message and maybe even learning something along the way. Mickey's Big Splash and Imagination Movers: Warehouse Mouse Edition meet those goals in my eyes and I think they're a good addition to a DVD library.

Full disclosure: I was given complimentary review copies of each of these DVDs. I was not paid to endorse these products.

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