Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chug-a-long With Thomas & Friends

Last week, my family had the chance to go see Thomas & Friends Live on Stage: A Circus Comes to Town. Both of my daughters love trains, and we have a small collection of Thomas trains that get a lot of attention in our house. I knew there was a strong chance that the girls would love seeing Thomas on stage - my only worry was that they wouldn't have the patience to sit through a full performance.

The queen of short-attention spans

The show started with some of the characters coming out into the audience and greeting the kids. Mira was interested, but Cordy was still fidgety in her seat. However, once the first train came onto the stage, both girls were mesmerized.

The premise of the show is a circus has come to the Island of Sodor, and they needed the engines to help pull the circus cars across the island so they can set up for their show. Thomas makes a big mistake, and it takes all of the engines working together (being really useful, of course) to guarantee a success for the circus. There are lessons in friendship, cooperation, and handling accidents, along with lots of upbeat music and exciting characters.

I remarked to my husband at intermission how amazed I was at the energy in this show. There wasn't a bad performance in the entire ensemble. Mira and Cordy loved the music, dancing and clapping along with each song.

The show ended with the circus performance, and while everyone loved the strong man, the acrobat, and the clown, it was the train engines who were still the stars of the show. Any time they came onto stage, Mira's face would light up and she would shout "woo-woo!" while pointing at Thomas, Percy and Gordon.

After an hour and a half of fun, the show was over, and Cordy's eyes filled with tears as she demanded more Thomas. We had to promise her that she would see Thomas at home to convince her to leave her seat. Half a week later, she's still asking when Thomas will bring the circus to her house.

We had so much fun watching Thomas & Friends Live on Stage: A Circus Comes to Town. Even Aaron and I enjoyed the show - it was funny, it was engaging, and I didn't feel silly dancing along. If Thomas & Friends comes to your town, I highly recommend checking out their show. You'll be chugga-chugga-chugging along for days to come!

Thanks to Mom Select for providing the tickets for our family to see this show!

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