Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Better Wipe For Your Counters

There was a time when I believed that the only way to know something was truly clean was the scrub it down with some kind of cleaner that smelled harsh, had warnings about not touching your skin, and was completely toxic. That's the way my mom cleaned in the 80's, and anything else just didn't seem strong enough.

I've thankfully realized that not only are products like that bad for me, but they're also bad for the environment. Last year I had the chance to try out several of the Clorox Green Works products, and overall I was impressed with their cleaning ability and their non-toxic properties. I don't want my girls around something that will give off chemical fumes or leave a residue.

Mom Central recently sent me the newest product from the Clorox Green Works line - cleaning wipes. I've used wipes in the past, but gave them up after I had headaches from the smell and my skin was irritated from touching them. These, however, looked promising. No phosphorous or bleach is used, essential oils are included and the entire wipe is biodegradable. I couldn't wait to try them out.

My first impression of these wipes was how good they smelled! Seriously, after wiping down the kitchen counter I walked around smelling the scent left on my hands. I'm no good with placing scents, but it smells like some kind of citrus oil. They did a good job of removing the drops of grape jam my husband had left on the counter, too.

After using roughly half of the container, I'm still happy with this product. The smell is pleasant, it doesn't irritate my skin, and it does a good job cleaning up. I have no worries about my daughters coming in contact with these wipes, either. And when you're out of paper towels (like I was last week), these wipes can handle anything a paper towel and spray cleaner could handle.

I've never been all that excited about cleaning or cleaning products, but I have to give the Clorox Green Works wipes a gold star for ease of use and for being non-toxic. Anything that makes cleaning the kitchen or bathroom easy without knocking me out from strong fumes is a winner for me!

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