Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting Into The Fall Spirit With Lee

Can you feel that subtle shift in the air? While it's still warm most days, here in Ohio the air at night has taken on a crisp, chilly quality that we all associate with the arrival of fall. Even the warm days have lost the oppressive humidity of summer, making the sky a deep blue and bringing the horizon into sharp focus without the haze.

While I always mourn having to give up my sandals (I'm not a closed-shoe type person), I do love getting back to warm sweaters and jeans. Capris are fun and cool in the summer, but the right jeans can give shape to your legs and make them look like they go on forever.

Right before BlogHer, I received a pair of jeans from Lee's new fall collection to get the season off on the right foot. The Ivy Slender Secret bootcut jeans are a dark wash with flap back pockets. I wore them for a couple of days at BlogHer because I loved the fit so much.

Look at these jeans. Gorgeous, right? They fit snug, but not tight, through the hips and thighs, lending shape and smoothing out any bumps, then flared to a cute bootcut that gave me the appearance of skinny legs.

I love that they fit my curves so well. The jeans accommodate my hips while still fitting my waist without any gap. The one thing I tell people over and over about Lee jeans is how well they're designed for a woman's body, curves and all. I can bend down with no worries of flashing my underwear to everyone behind me.

Unfortunately, this particular pair of jeans isn't available online. It's a design made exclusively for their Lee outlet stores. (Ohio locals: I can successfully report that the Ivy Slender Secret bootcut jeans can be found at Lodi Station Outlets for a price so low you'll probably buy two pairs!)

If you want to know what to look for online or in retail stores, though, I have another recommendation for you: the Nina bootcut from the all-new Curvy Fit line.

I bought a pair of these a few weekends ago, and I love the new style! They're a little stretchier and appear to sit a little lower on the waist, and they have the same great fit that curves with your body. I love the darker color, too. (I also love that I bought these in a size 8 and they FIT!)

I'm always a little skeptical of any line of jeans that claims to be a "curvy" fit after several bad experiences with other brands that proved to me that we have very different definitions of curvy. This line from Lee, though, finally makes me a believer in a true curvy fit pair of jeans.

When it comes to durability, my Lee jeans have held up to the test. I wear jeans nearly every day in cooler weather, so they have to withstand a lot of abuse. The only reason I've had to replace any of my jeans at this point has been due to losing weight and needing a new size.

You will notice the Slender Secret and Curvy Fit jeans lose some of their shape over repeated wearings between washings (admit it, you wear your jeans more than once before you wash them) due to the stretch denim already being stretched from wear. But the shape comes right back as soon as you wash them. I have yet to notice any problems with shape/stretch that a wash didn't fix.

With fashion and fit like this from Lee, I'm ready for fall. Bring on the cold weather!

Full disclosure: I was provided with a pair of the Ivy Slender Secret jeans by Lee to facilitate this review. The Nina bootcut jeans were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. It should be no surprise that the ones I spent money on are just as awesome as the ones provided for review.

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