Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Fab Five (Bloggers, That Is)

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I've been blogging for over five years now, and I'm pretty sure blogging years are like dog years but worse, placing me somewhere after the Ancient Greeks of blogging but before the Dark Ages and the Black Plague. Having been around this long, I can say I've met a lot of bloggers. Most I've liked, many have become aquaintences, and a few have become good friends.

It still feels weird to explain that I have friends I met on the internet. Oh sure, my grandmother totally doesn't understand, while any 20-something doesn't even question it, but I still get odd looks from my peers occasionally. Yeah, my friend so-and-so got this for me. Who's so-and-so? Oh, you've never met her. Actually, I've never met her, either, but we chat all the time on Twitter. Hey, why are you looking at me like that?

You can find hundreds of lists out there of the "top bloggers" for whatever definition of "top" the person is going for. Most lists have a lot to do with popularity. And while I know and love some popular bloggers, I also know some pretty awesome bloggers who don't get as much notice as I think they should. I think they're awesome not only because of their blogs, but because of the personal connections I've made with them.

What's that? You sense a list coming on? Why, you're absolutely correct! I'd like to introduce you to five fabulous bloggers and why I love them.

Amelia Sprout - When she first found my blog, I didn't make the connection that we had an actual connection at first. Even though we live in different states, turns out her ex-boyfriend from middle school happens to be my husband! No worries, though - she's happily married, has one daughter and another child on the way. Not only can we swap stories of my husband, but anytime I need to find some peace I can read her blog posts about gardening and marvel at her green thumb. Visit her for the latest on Baby Watch 2011.

 Amelia & I at BlogHer '10

Heather at Domestic Extraordinaire - Heather is a fantastic storyteller, but that's not even the beginning of her talents. She's also an amazing photographer who somehow always manages to make me look good in photographs. We've roomed together at blogging conferences and survived a loooooooong train ride together, and yet she still speaks to me. We don't live too far from each other, and I always enjoy getting the chance to hang out in person - it's so much easier than trying to type out our conversations!

Heather & I - see, I told you she always makes me look great! (and she's beautiful, too!)

Kari from The Karianna Spectrum - When Cordy was three we were just beginning the path towards a diagnosis of autism. And when I was falling down that rabbit hole into the new world of autism, Kari was there with an umbrella to break my fall and a guidebook to help get me started on my journey. Since then, she's taken up running and continues to amaze me with all she accomplishes. Someday I hope to run the Disney half-marathon with her.

Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses - I don't know how she does it. Seriously. To look that good, and stay in shape, and manage a household with six kids? She has to have some ability to manipulate time and space that I haven't learned yet. On top of that, she's wonderful to talk with in person and online. Reading how she got into shape is an inspiration - she helped me realize that no matter how busy my life, I need to take some time for me, too. Someday I hope she'll share her secret to looking perpetually 25 years old even after having kids.

Carmen & I at Blissdom '11 (photo credit, Heather Durdil)

Cecily from Uppercase Woman - The first word that comes to mind when I think of Cecily is strength. She is the definition of that word to me, and I can think of few who would be more fitting to represent strength. I've read her blog for quite a while, but didn't get the chance to really know her well until last year. She's been down some long, hard roads, yet no matter what the obstacle is, she overcomes it with her head held high. I admire her strength and secretly wish I could be as fearless as her.

I'm incredibly thankful that I know these five amazing women, and I'm glad I decided to take up blogging over five years ago so that I could get that chance to know them!

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Mom101 said...

You have good taste lady. Stellar, all of them.

Heather said...

*sniff sniff* you are amazing my friend.

CecilyK said...

Aw! Thanks, sweetie! I heart you back.