Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hooray For MORE Pants That Fit!

I still maintain that I am one of the hardest figures to fit clothing to. Smaller waist, big hips. Bordering on plus size, but with a small bra size. Average height, but a long torso so every shirt is too short.

As I've said in the past, jeans shopping has always been the worst for me. I live in my denim, but finding denim that fits me properly is like trying to find the foot to fit the glass slipper. I've had luck with only two brands of jeans, one of which I now can no longer fit into because I've lost too much weight. (Yay getting fit! Boo missing out on one brand of great jeans!)

However, Lee is sill there for me, and I am truly thankful for that. Ever since they challenged me to try a pair of their jeans a year and a half ago, promising they could find a pair that fit me, I've been sold on Lee. They make jeans that fit all women, not just teens and those who are blessed to have slightly more proportionate curves than me. I live in their bootcut jeans in the colder months, and in their capri jeans in the summer. I love the Natural Fit line, and I especially love their No-Gap Waistband line of denim.

Back in the spring, Lee sent me a pair of their Slender Secret Nassau capris in black to try out. I had just eeked down to a slightly smaller size, and when I received these found they fit at this smaller size, but were still a little tight. I stashed them in a dresser, knowing they'd be perfect in a month or two. I liked the slightly dressier stretch sateen fabric, and the patent belt added just the right touch of professional to make this an option for work.

This was one of the first times I've been able to try out non-denim from Lee, and once again they didn't disappoint. Once the heat of summer arrived, I found these pants in my dresser again and found they now fit just perfectly. (Thank you, diet and exercise!) I love that there is plenty of room for my hips, but the waist also fits properly - no gaping! I've worn them to work with sandals and received several compliments. I also appreciate that after several washings, they still look like new - no fading and no pilling.

And thanks to this pair, I've expanded my work wardrobe to also include the Slender Secret Claudia Capri and the Comfort Fit Straight Leg Pant, which I have renamed the World's Most Comfortable Work Pant Ever. You've never seen someone so happy to get dressed for work.

If you've read my other Lee reviews, I probably sound like a broken record, but I honestly love these pants! I can't count the hundreds of other jeans and pants I've tried on in my adult life, and 99% of them didn't fit. Now it's easy for me to buy new pants - I walk into Kohl's (my shopping mecca of choice - yours may vary), and go right to the Lee displays.

Sure, not every pair of Lee fits me, but I know the Slender Secret, Comfort Fit, and No-Gap lines are good bets for a good fit on a curvy figure. If you want to know which Lee pants would fit you best, be sure to try out their Fit Finder online - it's always worked for me.

If you happen to be going to BlogHer, look for me there - I'm sure to be wearing one of my favorite Lee pants during the day! And if you're still looking for clothing for BlogHer, check out the great sale prices at Lee's website right now!

Full disclosure: I am a Lee Fit Ambassador, and as such received the pair of Slender Secret Nassau capris mentioned in this review. All other pants linked in this review were purchased by me, and I've got the credit card debt to prove it. No positive review was guaranteed nor expected - and considering I received these over two months ago, Lee may have thought I forgot about them. But I didn't, because I really, really do love them.

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