Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Three Days To Softer Lips With Neosporin

Ohio winters are brutal on skin and hair. My skin is always dry and flaky in the winter, and my hair carries enough static to jump start a car battery. But my lips show the worst of it. They're always dry, flaky, and when the temperatures really plummet, they crack and bleed.

Mom Central offered me the chance to take the Neosporin Three-Day Challenge, trying both the Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy lip balm, and the Overnight Renewal Therapy balm. Seeing how no amount of lip balm has ever given me totally smooth lips in the winter, I was skeptical but willing to try it.

The Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy is to be used several times a day, and contains a SPF 20 sunscreen. It comes in a squeeze tube instead of a stick - I generally don't like squeeze tubes, but stuck it out for the purpose of the challenge. The lip goo has a slight tingly feel to it, and maybe a hint of mint. Otherwise it's pretty tasteless, which I prefer to tasting bad.

The Overnight Renewal Therapy is a small container of cream that you apply to your lips once at night. A small dab goes a very long way! It's taste and feel are similar to the daily balm, although it does feel a little thicker and creamier on the lips. It absorbs fairly quickly and in the morning my lips were much softer. I actually like this one far more than the daily therapy, and have since used it more even during the day. (Although it doesn't have any sunscreen, so be aware of that!)

The results? After three days, my lips were smoother and showed no signs of flakes. But I had to keep up the therapy - if I didn't reapply the daily balm at least 3-4 times a day, the dryness returned if I spent any amount of time in the cold, parched air. Since switching to using the overnight balm even during the day, I find I need to reapply it less and it doesn't feel as sticky on my lips.

Overall, I think Neosporin does deliver on its promise of visibly healthier lips in three days. I prefer the overnight renewal therapy to the daily hydration therapy, but your experience may vary. If you suffer from chronic dry lips, especially in the winter, the Neosporin Three-Day Challenge is worth a try. This might just be the first time I've had smooth lips in the winter, and I like the feeling.

Full disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Neosporin and received a sample of the Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy and the Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy to facilitate my review and a $20 thank-you gift certificate to All opinions are my own and should not be taken as medical advice. 

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