Friday, August 01, 2008

Avoiding the Embarrasing Wedgie With Hanes

We're still currently teetering on the edge of potty training here in my house. Some days Cordy will go to the potty like clockwork, other days she decides the potty is the root of all evil and won't go near it.

However, I'm still trying to bribe her with stickers and big girl underwear, and if she stays dry for several hours, she then requests a pair of big girl underwear and I let her put them on. Lately we've been trying out the new Hanes underwear for girls with the "No-Ride Up" feature for the Parent Bloggers Network. These cotton undies declare themselves to be "wedgie-free" and so I had to put them to the test.

As expected, these briefs stayed in place. This kid does a lot of twisting and climbing and moving in ways that only a three year old can move all day long, but each time I checked her there was no bunching of fabric. Even her diapers give her wedgies, so I was surprised by this.

The waistband seemed comfortable for her, and didn't leave any red mark around her middle. They're also tagless - a feature that is always good for a child with sensory issues who can be put in a bad mood by something as simple as a tag rubbing against her.

Hanes has a Comfort-Fit Promise, where they will refund your money if they aren't as comfortable as you or your child expected. In our case, they lived up to expectations, so there would never be a need to seek a refund. The Hanes no ride-up cotton underwear for girls are cute, colorful, and fit well.

And in full disclosure, I can say that they soak through just as fast as other underwear. Ah, the fun of potty training...

Keep watching the Parent Bloggers Network blog for an announcement on 8/22 as to how you can win some Hanes-wear for your kids!

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