Thursday, July 24, 2008

Multiply Your Box Tops For Education

Cordy's preschool is located in one of the district's elementary schools, and as a result we get pleas from the school to help with the Box Tops for Education program. The school district is vastly underfunded, and while I used to think the Box Tops for Education program was silly and probably didn't help much, I've since been taught just how much our school benefits from it. They've managed to buy many school supplies with the money raised from the little box tops clipped off of products we've already bought.

I recently was told about a contest being offered by Kimberly-Clark with a grand prize of 100,000 bonus box tops for your school (that's $10,000!). The Rock Your School sweepstakes has already begun and runs thru September 15, 2008. The grand prize is 100,000 box tops, plus a concert for your school with Radio Disney star Jordan Pruitt. (I have no idea who she is - but parents of older kids might know.) 100 other winners will receive 10,000 box tops for their school, 200 will win an autographed Jordan Pruitt CD, and 1,000 more will receive just the CD.

The kids may be wanting the concert, but seeing that I can help my daughter's school with this contest has me excited. You have to register on the website to enter, and then you can gain additional chances to win by entering each day after that. It's totally free, and you have the chance at making sure your child's school has the supplies they need to give kids the best learning environment.

(And don't forget to keep clipping those box tops from participating products to give to your school!)

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Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I participated in something similar in the past. It won't let me take part in this one because my son is in preschool and not K-8. :( It was really convenient to have the reminders emailed to me. Just two clicks and you're entered for the day.