Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Book Your Child Can Really Get Into

Have you read the incredible story about a little princess named Princess Cordy who fights off a mummy, a scorpion, and a dragon on her quest to bring color back to her kingdom? Along the way she gets help from Mira, Paul, and Kate, and they all become friends. What? Never heard of Princess Cordy in the Kingdom of Nevernight? Well, it could be because we have the only copy in existence.

We received this book from Printakid, courtesy of Parent Bloggers. Printakid specializes in personalized books for children, with six different stories to choose from. These aren't like those cheesy books you can find at a mall kiosk, where your child's name is plugged into any story, usually in a different font, and the kid in the story may or may not look anything like your child.

The Printakid books are customized for each child. You not only put in your child's name, you also design the character so it looks like your child. Princess Cordy is a tall girl with pale skin, curly blonde hair, and blue eyes. I really liked the level of detail I could customize. They even give the option of glasses if your child wears glasses.

But it doesn't just stop with your child in the story. You can also provide your name, and the names of siblings or friends, and they can be worked into the story. In our story, Princess Cordy is helped along the way by Mira, Paul, and Kate. You don't customize those characters other than name, but for our story they were all wearing elaborate costumes so you couldn't see their faces.

Cordy thinks it's fun that there is a book about a princess who looks like her and has her name. I also like that this isn't a story with a passive princess waiting for her prince to save her - she marches right out to take on any challenge. And while it's a long story for Cordy's age and focus level, she doesn't lose interest when we read it, like she does with so many other books.

The Printakid books would be a great idea for birthday or holiday gifts. They also offer a personalized CD featuring the book on audio, along with other personalized gifts. With such a unique story and a heroine named Princess Cordy, I'm sure our Printakid book will be on our "Most Read" bookshelf for a long time.

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