Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Go Potty Go!

Some people I know have kids who potty trained, by their own desire, right around two years old. No begging, no cajoling, no reward charts. For the other 99% of us, however, potty training just isn't that easy. In fact, some of us (uh...me) are starting to worry that preschool may have to be postponed because of a lack of interest in potty training.

Cordy got a potty seat shortly after she was two years old. Since then, it has served as a TV watching chair, a step-stool, a place to hide her toys, and a crayon canvas. The idea of sitting her bare bottom on that seat with the draft underneath is laughable to her. She knows when she's "yucky", but seems reluctant to give up her diapers.

I was asked to review the DVD, Go Potty Go, for the Parent Bloggers Network. Sure thing, bring in the reinforcements, I thought. Cute panda bear twins and their animal friends teaching about the potty sounded like fun to me.

My first fear was that Cordy wouldn't even want to watch. She has a very refined toddler taste in entertainment, and only the "best" programs will hold her interest. However, I was pleasantly surprised that she sat on my lap the entire time with her eyes fixed on the screen. Later she brought me the DVD case, handed it to me, and said "Go Potty Go?" I was stunned that she knew the title after only one viewing and requested to watch it again. She has since learned the "Go Potty Go" song and sings it to request repeat viewings.

As for the program itself? It's cute, and filled with catchy songs about all aspects of becoming a "big kid" and using the potty. They cover everything from choosing fun underwear, to washing your hands afterwards.

To introduce the actual practice of using a potty chair, they play a game, asking the child to identify potty seats (with wrong answers including a bicycle and a wagon), identify activities that can be done while sitting on the potty, etc. The DVD does advocate reading while on the potty, further insuring that Cordy will follow in her daddy's footsteps and I will never be able to get into the bathroom ever again.

Thankfully, the songs aren't annoying to adult ears, and the subject is handled tastefully. My only complaint is that I got tired of all of the rhyming during the spoken dialogue, but this didn't seem to bother Cordy.

While I can't say Cordy is suddenly wanting to use the potty after viewing Go Potty Go, she is more interested in her potty chair and now knows what it is used for. She also requests to watch the DVD, so perhaps with more viewings she will take more of an interest as she internalizes the message that it's fun to be more independent and give up diapers. It may still take awhile for her to give up diapers, but I think Go Potty Go will be a useful supplement in Cordy's potty training.

Win a copy! Go to the Parent Bloggers Network and leave a comment on this post to win a copy of this DVD for your toddler!


dana said...

Sounds like a great video. If I don't win a copy, I think I will buy it. I need something to jumpstart Dawson's toilet training.

Keri said...

How about suggesting to Cordy to try to use the potty first when she requests to watch the DVD? The DVD can be her reward. ;)

Major Bedhead said...

Oooh, Keri, what a deviously fabulous idea! I wonder if that would work over here, because M&Ms just aren't cutting it.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a winner to me!

I am currently potty training very stubborn and strong willed twins.

I am lucky for once a week success with Stella and once a millenium success with Grant.

Is there any link with intelligence and late potty training? If so... we are approaching genius!