Sunday, November 26, 2006

Land's End Baby Contest

I don't know if you've ever tried Land's End clothing, but they're one of my favorites. I especially love their outerwear, and I live in the All-Weather Mocs they sell. The quality is outstanding, and while the prices are higher than Target, everything I've bought from them has more than earned its worth. If I had more money, I'd certainly be wearing more from them.

This week I discovered they're having a holiday photo contest for babies. If you have a child under 24 months, don't miss entering the Land's End Most Memorable Moments Baby Contest. Simply submit a recent picture of your cutie doing something simply adorable, and you could win a $250 Land's End gift certificate, plus have your child's picture featured on the Land's End website.

So dig through all of your digital pics and submit one to the contest. If Cordy was only two months younger, I'd have entered by now.

EDIT: The November contest is now closed, but as soon as Dee Dee told me about it closing, they just launched the December contest! So there is still time to get your entry in.


Dee Dee said...

I think that the contest ended on November 26, 2006. Bummer, because I could use the shopping spree!

Christina said...

Dee Dee - Yep, you're right! They ended it at midnight on Nov. 26.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! The December contest is now open, so you still have time to win :)