Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brownies With Style

I don't know about you, but every time I see a bake sale, I have to stop. Something about the sweet aroma of brownies and cookies draws me in every time.

But then when I get to the table, I'm nearly always disappointed by the display. Baggies full of boring, lumpy, shapeless cookies and standard rectangle or square brownies. Certainly baked goods can have a little more style than this without being made by Martha Stewart, right?

Then I was tipped off to these. Reynolds has introduced Fun Shapes baking cups and cake pans. Sure, you can buy cookie cutters anywhere, but now you can have mini-cakes, brownies, and thick cookies in the shape of stars, hearts, and seasonal shapes, like ghosts for Halloween. Suddenly those boring brownies aren't so boring anymore.

And best of all? You can have one snazzy bake sale without spending a fortune (just think how expensive Wilton cake pans are - and they don't come in small sizes like this).

For a person like me, with no kitchen skills whatsoever, I'm thrilled at the possibility of making fun desserts for Christmas this year, instead of buying them at the grocery and trying to pass them off as my own.

Want to win everything you would need for a great bake sale (or just a fun party)? Reynolds is giving away 60 bake sale kits this week and next. To enter, click here.


Pattie said...

I saw these in my local market and I thought they were fabulous! In fact, I thought they were so fabulous that I bought them...hook, line, and sinker! My kids loved them, too.

Mom101 said...

That's a cruel photo to post when there are pregnant women lurking about.

sunshine scribe said...

Oh now this is worth the visit. That photo almost put me in a sugar coma. I am now ravengously craving brownies ... cute brownies ... and I am not even pregnant :)

Great new blog!

something blue said...

I love to bake and these Fun Shapes look great. I'll definitely buy these.